Welcome to Cops and Robbers from City Playground. The mobile reality game that's taking the UK by storm!

A team of robbers are loose in the city and they need to be stopped! The robbers need to collect virtual objects in the city and perform virtual crimes to earn money. The cops must track them down before they collect €1,000,000.

We’ve turned the classic game of cops and robbers into an unforgettable city challenge. Each team has a mobile smartphone with maps, GPS tracking and real-time information updates direct to the handset. This is a new and exciting gaming experience where you can live real-life fantasies on the streets.

If you're looking for a fun, unique way to discover the city then this is just what you need. We provide the phones and all the know how so you just turn up and have fun. City Playground's location based mobile games are perfect for stag weekends, team building, education and sightseeing.

Cops and Robbers can be played anywhere with mobile GPS coverage, so contact us if you'd like the real-life gaming experience where you are.

You can play Cops and Robbers in cities across the UK and we can customise the game for play anywhere with mobile GPS coverage.

Whether you're visiting for a weekend or you've been in the area for years, you can explore a city like never before. The game uses a unique mapping area and can be customised for play anywhere with mobile GPS coverage.

You need a minimum of six players for Cops and Robbers and the game is designed for groups upto 15-20. For larger groups, the two games can be played simultaneously. Anyone can play the games and we make it very easy to understand. If you're the biggest technogeek or a total technofobe it doesn't matter. We'll make sure you understand everything before getting started!

Prices start from from only £18 per person. We charge per person meaning it's really easy to split the cost of the game.

For more information about Cops and Robbers from City Playground, or to make a booking please get in touch.

07590 479840